WinIso2D – English

PVC_Calculation_PsiSince its introduction WinIso2D Professional has become the branch solution in the German- speaking countries and beyond for the simulation and optimisation of the thermal performance of windows and facades according to the Eurodivean standard EN ISO 10077-2.

Heath loss in complex cross-sections like window profiles can hardly be calculated with conventional methods. WinIso2D therefore enables a simple
solution. You draft configuration of your building elements or import data via DXF files. You then define materials and boundary conditions and simply calculate. Immediate result provides you with isothermal lines and heath flows as well as U or Uf value and ? values for thermal bridges. It is possible to simulate diffusion of moisture flow and possibly appearing condensation water besides thermal characteristics.

WinIso2d Professional is a high-performance simulation program for simulating two-dimensional heat and moisture flow helping you to avoid structural damages.


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